Sunday, January 6, 2019

Maybelline New York Countdown 12 Day Beauty Calendar: Review

This year I was fortunate enough to be given two beauty advent calendars from my grandma. The first was the M&S Beauty Book, and if you haven't seen my review of that yet you can find it here. The second was the Maybelline one which I am reviewing now!

This is not an ad, I am just giving my honest opinions on this calendar and the products in it! Although I prefer 24 or 25 day calendars, I like that this is primarily makeup based, as I don't have that much of an extensive skin care routine and therefore don't need as many products for it. I also like the packaging, I think it looks kind of cool. One thing that makes this calendar unique, is that it has full sized products which is rare and I love that about this!

Day 1: Baby Lips Hydrate. I don't really like this product. I find it feels heavy on my lips and doesn't hydrate them effectively. And this one doesn't even smell that good. It's also £3.99 so it's more expansive than a vaseline *not an ad* for example. 2/10.

Day 2: Baby Lips Cherry Me. Again, the balm portion of this product is unimpressive to me however I love the smell and the subtle red colour it gives my lips. It's also £3.99. 5/10.

Day 3: Master Strobing Liquid in Light/Iridescent. I liked this! Unlike other strobing liquids, it wasn't streaky or sticky and it was easy to only highlight small areas of your face so you don't just end up looking like a glitter ball. This costs £7.99 so it's not too expensive either. However, it is a little more subtle than other, similar products. 8/10.

Day 4: Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in shade 932 Clay Crush. This is a gorgeous colour, a great texture and an affordable price (£6.99). The only slight problem I have is that it doesn't last quite as long as some of my more expensive lip products. 9/10.

Day 5: Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in shade 975 Divine Wine. I liked this equally as much as the Clay Crush! It also costs £6.99. 9/10.

Day 6: Lash Sensational Mascara in Very Black. I was super impressed by this. I am very fussy about mascaras and yet I loved this! It wasn't clumpy, it was lengthening and thickening and it didn't smudge either. It's also £8.99 so great for the budget. 10/10.

Day 7: Master Precise Skinny in Black. This pencil was very difficult to screw up to be able to use it, but once I managed it was pigmented, precise and didn't smudge. It's also only £3.99. 8/10.

Day 8: Superstay Nail Colour in shade 06 Deep Red. I loved this so much! It's a gorgeous colour, it's long lasting and it gives a strong colour in only one or two coats. It's also only £4.49. 9/10.

Day 9: Baby Skin Fatigue Blur Primer. I liked that this is very light on the skin, but I really couldn't see a difference between using it or not. It costs £7.99. 2/10.

Day 10: Colour Tattoo Creamy Eye Shadow in shade 93 Crème de Nude. I love these eyeshadows! They're easy to apply and super long lasting. This colour matches my eyelids almost exactly so It is great for using as an eyeshadow primer. It's £5.99, so again not too expensive. 9/10.

Day 11: Superstay 3D Effect Plumping Top Coat. I like this product a lot. It made my nails look super shiny and my polish lasted a long time with it on. It's £5.99 and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new top coat. The photo doesn't do the plumping effect justice. 9/10.

Day 12: Colour Tattoo Creamy Eye Shadow in shade On & On Bronze. I love love love this colour. It is pretty, not too outgoing for everyday and has the same great properties and price as Crème de Nude. 10/10.

Friday, December 28, 2018

M&S Book of Beauty Advent Calendar: Review

Those of you who follow the Depreciation Society Blog will know that last year I did a blog post reviewing the No.7 Advent Calendar. If you want to read that you can find it here. Just like last year, my grandma kindly got me this calendar for my birthday, along with the Maybelline one (my review of which will be coming soon!). Again, this is not an ad, just my honest opinions on the products incase any of you are considering purchasing them! The calendar looks beautiful, which is an excellent start I always think, and it has easy to open boxes instead of the traditional holes so I'm pleased with it from the go. It's also 25 days which is a huge bonus!

Day 1: Citrus Verbena Shower Gel from L'Occitane. I was very happy with this product. It is travel size, so I can take it with me when I got to Paris in January, and it smells amazingly lemony. Plus, L'Occitane are a very high quality brand. If you want to buy the full size version of this product, it will cost you £16 which is very expensive for a shower gel. For that reason, I will give this an 8/10.

Day 2: Time-Filler Eyes Absolute Eye Correction Cream by Filorga. I am only 20 years old, so I'm really not the best person to judge how effective this product is. However, I can say this is another top quality brand and I think for the appropriate age range this would be a great advent gift. It's again only a small sample size, so I can tell you that a very small amount will cover a large area of skin. If you want to buy this product, it will set you back £40, which is again on the more expensive side. Like I said, I'm not really equipped to judge this so I won't give it a rating out of 10, I would consider reading more reviews if you would like to buy it!

Day 3: Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream by Prai. Again this product is out of my area of expertise so I would say the same as yesterday and recommend reading more reviews about this. However, I can say that I adore the packaging! The recommended retail price for this item is £19.99 so it is more affordable than some of the other items in this calendar.

Day 4: Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara. I think this mascara tube is really cool! The mascara itself is fab too, no clumps, a jet black colour and a great brush shape for easy application. The only problem is it takes a while to dry, so it's easy to smudge. This mascara costs £19, so it is on the expensive side but I believe it is worth that. 9/10.

Day 5: Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance. Oh my goodness, this smells amazing! I want a full size bottle! 10/10. It's £30 for a full size bottle, or £16 for this sample size and it is definitely worth that.

Day 6: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Pomegranate & Cassis. This pre-shampoo conditioner smells so good, but I was skeptical when I first opened this. I have very thick hair so I tend to run away from 'volumising' products. It also takes 10-20 minutes to take effect which is a long time I think. However, when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. It did make my hair more manageable, and not enormous. If you want to buy this it will cost you £18.50, which is expensive for a conditioner and the effects weren't great enough to make it worth it in my opinion. 7/10.

Day 7: Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix With Wintered Red Algae. This product is amazing! It makes my lips feel so much better, and it's not sticky like most lip balms. It also smells good. It costs £12 so again its expensive, but the tube is larger than most lip balms so it would probably lasts longer. 9/10.

Day 8: Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour in Be My Berry. I've had Leighton Denny nail polishes before and I think they are excellent quality. I like that this is a full sized product as well. This colour is beautiful and super Christmassy and I will be wearing it for the entire season. If you want to buy this it will cost you £12 so it is more expensive than some other products, but you can tell the difference in quality. 9.5/10.

Day 9: REN V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream. As you may have seen in some of my previous blog posts, I don't really use night cream unless they are specifically for moisturising because I don't feel I benefit from it so I would recommend reading more reviews if you're considering purchasing this product. However, I can tell you that it costs £36 so it would be a pricey choice!

Day 10: Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. I am very confused by this product. On the one hand, it is designed to moisturise dry hair, which is something I need in my life. However,  you have to put this in overnight and sleeping with sticky creamed hair isn't fun, and I needed half of the tube for just one use. I'm also not convinced it really made a difference to my hair. This costs £20 if you want to try it for yourself. 5/10.

Day 11: NUXE Luxurious Body Cream. Again this is an anti-aging product so I'm not equipped to review it! It's £45 if you want to try it though. 

Day 12:  Pixi Rose Toni. This smells absolutely gorgeous. It's refreshing and feels lovely on your face. It's only £10 for a 100ml bottle, or £18 for 250ml, so one of the more affordable products in the calendar too. 9/10.

Day 13: The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost. This stuff is brilliant! It works so quickly, it's light and not sticky at all. The tube is small, but a little bit goes a long way with this. It's £19 if you'd like to try it. 8.5/10.

Day 14: Leighton Denny Mini Crystal Nail File. I bit my nails up until the middle of this month, so I may not be the best person to judge this. However, I have never been a fan of crystal nail files. Even when I have managed to grow my nails out before, I have found them too difficult to use. It's also £12.50, which is expensive for a nail file. If you like crystal nail files though, this is a perfectly good one! Just not my taste. 4/10.

Day 15: Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Balm Gloss. I was very excited about this product when I first saw it! I think it's a beautiful colour and it really suits me. It's a little sticky but not too bad, and it looks so cute and pretty natural. It's £20 and as I don't wear lipgloss that often I wouldn't spend that much on one, but if it's a product you use a lot this one is definitely worth that. 8.5/10.

Day 16: Diego Dalla Palma Eye Pencil in shade 01. This is a lovely black eyeliner. It gives good, sharp and precise line and doesn't smudge. It's also not too tricky to remove. It's £14.50 and I think it's better quality than other eye pencils of a similar price range. 9/10.

Day 17: Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Another product I'm sadly no help with! It's £16 if you would like to try it.

Day 18: M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. This smells great and feels lightweight, but sadly that is where the positives ended for me. I literally noticed no difference to my skin after using this, if anything it was drier. This costs £22, and it's not worth purchasing for that in my opinion. 3/10

Day 19: Autograph Blusher Brush. I like this Brush because it's a better size than most blusher brushes. It covers your cheek but not your entire face. I would like it to be a little softer but other than that it's great. It costs £8 which is reasonable. 9/10.

Day 20: Living Proof 5-In-1 Styling Treatment. This costs £24. To be honest, I'm not sure what the five effects this is meant to have are, but I noticed none. It was sticky and didn't smell great and I think it is very expensive for no visible changes. 1/10

Day 21: This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Mask, Moisturiser and Primer in One. This smells like roses and it's lovely. It works well as a moisturiser or a mask but it's too heavy for a primer in my opinion. It costs £27 and I've used cheaper masks and moisturisers that work just as well. 7/10.

Day 22: Still Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish. This is really easy to apply and the colour is really pretty and subtle. It gives a precise line rather than being too thick, and seems to withstand smudging really well. This costs £16, so it is pricey for an eyeliner but I think it's worth it. 9.5/10.

Day 23: Autograph Luminosity Luxe Multi Bronzer. I like this! It's shimmery, golden and beautiful. It's pigmented enough to be visible, but subtle enough that pale people like me don't look like they've had a bodged fake tan. It's £12.50 so affordable too. 8.5/10.

Day 24: L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream advanced anti-aging skincare. Sadly not qualified to judge this either. It costs £78 so it is very pricey though.

Day 25: This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. This product costs £18, and I do think it is worth that. It smells lovely and my Fitbit showed that there was an increase in deep sleep in my sleeping pattern when using it. Sadly it didn't help me get to sleep quicker, but I still felt more refreshed in the morning. 8/10.

Overall, I was super happy with this calendar and the quality of the products in it. It has been great to try some new things and get some new favourites. Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a fab new year!